Activities you can do from home to build strength


Length: 6 minutes

Join certified fitness leader Caroline MacLennan as she guides you through 5 upper and lower body exercises to build strength. Equipment needed: a wall, sturdy chair, resistance bands or soup cans.

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Length: Choose from workouts ranging from 9 to 50 minutes

Choose from a variety of workout videos that focus on building upper and lower body strength. Duration: 5 to 35 minutes. Equipment needed: sturdy chair, hand weights or equivalent. 

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Length: Choose from workouts ranging from 10 to 60 minutes

Choose from a variety of low-impact workouts created by the National Institute On Aging that focus on building strength, flexibility and balance. Equipment needed: sturdy chair with arms, two equally weighed objects (e.g. dumbbells or soup cans), mat, towel.

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Length: Choose from workouts ranging from 5 to 8 minutes

This video series by the City of Victoria features strengthening exercises that only require a wall. Equipment needed: wall.

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Not a video

This exercise routine from the National Health Service and includes a series of 7 easy step-by-step exercises to strengthen both your upper and lower body. There is also a printable PDF guide of these exercises available. Equipment needed: a wall, sturdy chair without arms, two equally weighted items (soup cans, water bottles, etc.).