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Printable Resources

Printable resources that you can take with you offline


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This printable PDF resource digest from the Choose to Move team offers a quick guide to the resources and links available in the Get Active tab on the website. The resources and links provide more ideas of exercises and activities that you can incorporate into your daily routine at home.

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This printable PDF resource from Exercise is Medicine (American College of Sports Medicine) provides some tips and examples of aerobic and strength training activities to do during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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This printable PDF resource from UBCO includes an exercise program for older adults and features six exercises to strengthen the body. There are suggestions for how to build and progress further with these exercises over time as well. Equipment needed: sturdy wall, two equally weighted items (soup cans, water bottles, etc.)

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This printable PDF visual chart is created by the government of BC and is a companion tool for the Move for the Life DVD. The stretches and strength exercises featured in the Move for Life DVD are visually presented in this chart for easy access.

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This printable handout is from Finding Balance BC for fall prevention. The handouts include instructions for 7 balance and strength exercises that can be done while seated or standing. Equipment needed: sturdy chair with arms, flat countertop.

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This printable PDF handout from the Arthritis Society offers modifications for common activities that often cause pain. For example, kneeling on rolled-up towels while gardening. 

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This printable PDF from Osteoporosis Canada recommends strength and balance exercises for people living with osteoporosis. 

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This printable PDF is from the National Institutes of Health. The document provides a sample exercise program focusing on balance and strength. Equipment needed: chair, towel, weighted household items, wall.

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This PDF handout from the Arthritis Society outlines the top 10 arthritis exercises. Equiptment needed: chair. 

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