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Mental Health

Tips to help you manage stress and day-to-day anxiety

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Length: 5 minutes

Join certified fitness leader Caroline MacLennan as she guides you through breathing and mindfulness exercises to lower stress and promote relaxation in the body. These exercises can be done anywhere, seated or standing. Equipment needed: none.

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Not a video provides an explanation of mindfulness and steps on how to start implementing it into your daily life.  

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Not a video

This link includes a list of tips from the Canadian Mental Health Association to help reduce feelings of anxiety due to the COVID-19 pandemic. They also include links and resources related to other mental health supports. 

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Not a video

This printable handout from the Choose to Move team includes tips for managing stress and techniques for relaxation and mindfulness.

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Not a video

​BCALM provides mindfulness activities, videos and resource information.

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Not a video

This information page from HealthLink BC includes instructions for breathing exercises to relieve stress and promote relaxation.

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Not a video

The First Nations Health Authority provides a list of mental health and cultural support resources available during COVID-19. Some of these resources include telephone and online support lines, treatment and healing centres, and other Indigenous services.

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Not a video

This progressive muscle relaxation guide from Anxiety Canada provides instructions for how to relax your muscles and release tension in the body and describes how these exercises can help to manage anxiety. 

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Length: Choose from workouts ranging from 35 to 65 minutes

This series from Pain BC offers videos on guided movement and relaxation for pain. Equipment needed: chair.

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