Bone & Joint Health

Activities to improve bone & joint health

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Length: Choose from workouts ranging from 1 to 3 minutes

This series of videos from Vancouver Coastal Health includes 4 videos focusing on strengthening and stretching exercises for hip and knee osteoarthritis. Equipment needed: towel, sturdy chair, plastic bag. 

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Length: Choose from workouts ranging from 3 to 7 minutes

This video series from Osteoporosis Canada showcases the safe and creative ways in which people with osteoporosis stay active. Equipment needed: two equally weighted items, resistance band, exercise mat, sturdy chair. 

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Length: Choose from workouts ranging from 1 to 47 minutes

These videos include exercises and stretches that help to manage arthritis symptoms. Equipment needed: towel, sturdy chair, plastic bag, resistance band, exercise mat. 

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Length: Not a video

This guide from Osteoporosis Canada includes guidance about strength, balance, aerobic, and flexibility exercises. It also includes ways to stick to an exercise plan and tips for avoiding the risk of falls or spine fractures. Equipment needed: exercise band, wall, sturdy chair.